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Detailed Programme

We are using the CERN indico conference system to manage the schedule of this conference.

The detailed programme can be found following this link.

Poster Sessions

Poster Session A:
(list of contributions)
Tuesday, 20. Feb. 2007 15:40-16:30
Wednesday, 21. Feb. 2007 15:40-16:30
Poster Session B:
(list of contributions)
Wednesday, 21. Feb. 2007 10:40-11:30
Thursday, 22. Feb. 2007 10:40-11:30

The full list of poster contributions (A+B) can be found here.

Schedule Overview

The scientific programme starts on Monday, February 19, 2007 at 10:00 and ends on Saturday, February 24, in the afternoon. Different social events are planned on the evenings during the Conference.

Timetable Overview