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Slides Submission

Presentation of your Talk

Presentations will be made directly from a computer (Windows PC) provided by the conference, using a video beamer (projector). We are sorry that no private laptop connection to the beamer will be allowed.

Presentation layout suggestions

Please make sure that your text and labelling of graphs is large enough to be legible. Be aware that some colours (e.g. bright green) which look good on the computer monitor may be almost illegible when projected from a beamer. Some special fonts (character sets) may display differently on Windows and Macintosh computers, so please try to use only the generally accepted fonts (such as Times, Courier, etc.).

File Formats

Contributions must be either Adobe Acrobat (pdf), Microsoft PowerPoint (ppt or pptx) or OpenOffice (odp) files.

File Upload

You should have received an automatic email message from the Indico system which will allow you to register as an Indico user. (CERN users do not need to register and can use their regular NICE account to login.) After that registration, visit the My Conference Section of the Indico tool to upload your file:

Indico myConference

Please contact the submission desk (opens Sun, February 14, 2010, at 5 p.m.) well before the scheduled time of your talk to check if the file was uploaded correctly. To be on the safe side, please bring your presentation also on a medium (CD-ROM or memory stick) as backup.