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Public Transport in Vienna


Vienna offers an efficient and modern system of public transport (called VOR), including underground (U), metropolitan train (S), trams and buses. There are also special night buses (N) which may be used with the standard tickets. The Conference Venue is situated in the heart of historical Vienna and has easy access to the underground system (U1, U2, U4); almost all hotels are linked to the public transportation system.

You can purchase public transportation tickets at most tobacconists (Tabak-Trafik), VOR ticket offices, ticket distributor machines at underground stations (the next one is at "Karlsplatz" near exit Wiedner Hauptstrasse / Resselpark) and in some hotels; single tickets only (Euro 2.20) on the tram (machine in the 1st coach) and on the bus (from the driver). The Tabak-Trafik in the Conference Venue (seperate entrance from the street) has special opening hours (Mon - Fri 6:00 - 18:00; Sat 7:30 - 12:00).

The single ticket can be used for any single trip in Vienna; you may change lines but without interruptions and without return; it costs Euro 1.80 when bought in advance (also sold as multi-ticket card of 4 or 8 stripes).

To get to the Airport Wien Schwechat you can either take the City Airport Train (CAT) from Wien-Mitte/Landtrasse (single ticket 10 Euro) or the S-Bahn leaving from the same station (single ticket: 2 zones = 3.60 Euro). If you still have a valid ticket for Vienna (like all the tickets on this page) you only need to upgrade it with a single zone for 1.80 Euro.

Other tickets of interest:
  • Weekly pass Weekly pass: valid Mo 0:00 a.m. - Mo 9:00 a.m.; transferable;
    Euro 14.00
  • 8 Day Ticket 8-day ticket: 8 stripes, each valid for 1 person on 1 day (ending at 1:00 a.m.); days not necessarily consecutive, card may be shared; Multi-ticket stripes must be used bottom-up, starting with stripe #1; Euro 28.80
  • Vienna Shopping Ticket Vienna Shoping Card: valid one day (Mo - Sa) 8.00 - 20.00; Euro 4.00
  • Vienna Card The Vienna Card: valid for 72 hours; in addition you obtain reductions of 11 - 50 % at nearly all museums, Schönbrunn and Belvedere Castle, exhibitions, concerts, theatres and other events; Euro 18.50
  • 24h Card 24 hour card: valid for 24h starting from first use; transferable; Euro 5.70

Ticket Validation

Blue Box Tickets must be stamped at the blue box located inside the tram or bus; for underground and metropolitan train it is located at the barrier before accessing the platform. Multi-ticket stripes must be used bottom-up, starting with stripe #1. Fares indicated as of 2009.


  • U-Bahn (Metro, Underground) and S-Bahn (Express Railway): Metro and S-Bahn Plan
  • U-Bahn (Metro, Underground) only: Metro
  • Tramway (Special thanks to Horst Prillinger): Tram
  • Interactive Vienna City Map Tram

More Information

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